How I make stud earrings

The first step of making patterned polymer clay stud earrings (including making a cane) is shown in the video above. The earrings are then baked in the oven for the first time.

Then follows the gluing of the metal posts (the customer chooses the material - I suggest titanium posts for their hypoallergenic properties) and finishing the back of the earrings. I coat the back of the earrings with polymer clay to minimize the possibility of metal posts falling off. It also looks nicer. Then the earrings go back into the oven for the second baking.

In the final step I pin the earrings onto natural kraft paper etiquette and put them into kraft paper box. Now they are ready to be shipped and be given as a present.

Earrings after the first baking in the oven.Pikart stud earrings in the making
Earrings after the second time in the oven with their finished backs.Pikart stud earrings in the makingEarrings ready for the customer/gift recipient.Pikart stud earrings in the making